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How can I set a draft order for my Football Commissioner league?

To set a draft order, go to the Commish Tools icon (the “C” with a gear-wheel) – located in the top right-hand corner of any page in your league – and click the “Set Draft Order” link under the Rosters column.

The first option will be to select a Draft Pick ordering type: Snaking or Non-Snaking.

The snake draft format will reverse the order of the draft every round.  The Non-Snaking draft will maintain an identical order of team selections every round.

After selecting an Order Type, the following options will be available to generate a draft order: Randomly, Manually and Fully Customized Draft Order (only available under the Online Live Draft Standard format). An e-mail will be sent out to your league with the draft order once it has been finalized.

For a simple, non-custom draft order, select Manually and move the teams up and down by the arrows in the Pick Edit column. Secure your draft order by clicking Save & Continue and Save Changes.

Fully Customized Draft Orders are best suited for leagues that trade draft picks or swap out keeper selections for draft picks. Be sure to process keepers prior to any attempt to slot keepers for draft picks under this pick order option. With this feature, you can swap out draft picks for keeper selections by selecting the individual rounds displayed.

In each round, drop-windows will appear for each team, permitting the commissioner to make changes at any selection or round for any team in the league or an option to skip pick. Next to each selection will be a separate column where the option to Assign Keeper must be chosen. Teams with eligible keeper players can have a keeper input for any selection during any round.

Be sure to click Save Changes – NOT Save & Continue – after adjusting each round.

If clicking Assign Keeper yields no results, this means that the system has not yet processed keepers. Keepers MUST be processed on the Set Keeper Policies page first in order to swap a pick for a keeper player.

For a video tutorial on how to swap keepers for draft picks for Football Commissioner, please click here.

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