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Do I have to re-invite owners from last season to my Football Commissioner league?

Owners who have accepted an invitation into your Football Commissioner league will not need to be re-invited, unless they have been removed.

To access your league, the returning team owners will only need to sign into directly with the corresponding login ID and password the owner used for access in the previous season. Should a new password or an updated email address be necessary for access, DO NOT under any circumstances delete the owner or team from your league.

These actions may cause severe consequences. Instead, please have him/her contact us directly. Please be advised that once a player has accepted an invitation, personal account information – such as updating email addresses – can only be updated by the account holder.

If you would like to send a "Welcome Back" email to all of your owners through the system, the option is available on the Manage Teams page. To find this page, click on the C/gear wheel icon located in the upper-right side of the page – next to the icons for League Chat, League Notifications and the Help Center.

Once routed to the Commissioner Tools page, find Manage Teams in the League column. The Manage Teams page is divided into two portions – the upper portion (Invite Teams) is dedicated to tracking invitations sent through the system and the lower portion (Joined Teams) will identify the teams currently in the league (with an option to Add Team at the bottom of the page).

Along the banner for Joined Teams, the option to Send a "Welcome back to the league" email is located to the right as a hyperlink. Once you have click on Send a "Welcome back to the league" email, a pop-up will generate displaying two fields -- one with email addresses of all currently league members and another with a pre-populated message which can be customized. Adjust the information within these fields to your satisfaction and click SEND to alert your owners to the start of a new season.

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