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Can you explain the waivers process in my Baseball commissioner league?

If you select to use a Waivers Process for your league's transactions, this is how it will work:
After your draft or manual roster entry, all players will go on waivers. 

Once the commissioner has started waivers, all undrafted players will go on waivers for a minimum of 48 hours. The default waiver order will be the reverse of the first-round draft order.
Leagues conducting offline drafts or dynasty leagues which do not draft can manipulate the waiver order by clicking the Commish Tools icon and selecting Edit Waivers Order.

Waiver claims for players will be awarded based on this order. Once an owner makes a successful waiver claim, he will go to the bottom of the waiver order. Once a player clears waivers, he will become a Free Agent, eligible to be picked up on a first come, first served basis. Only players that are dropped or players that are new to the player pool will ever go back on waivers.

The commissioner can adjust how long a dropped player will be on waivers from the Commissioner Tools page and selecting Set Transaction Policies under the League column. Find and adjust the length of the Waiver Period. The commissioner can select which nights waivers will run in your league by going to the Set Transaction Policies and select the desired nights in the Waivers Run area. Please keep in mind that waivers will not run on days that are not selected under Waivers Run, regardless to whatever the length of your Waiver Period is set.
Additionally, the number of days selected for a player on waivers is directly related to how many times waivers will process in a given week. There must be at least a full 24-hour period for every day selected for Waiver Period. For example, if the Waiver Run days are selected for all 7-days, then a Waiver Period of 3 days would work like this:

A player dropped on Monday morning would be on waivers all of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – processing on Friday morning.
If the Waiver Run days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then a player dropped on Monday would remain on waivers for three of the days selected on the Waiver Runs. For example, after being dropped on Monday, the player would go through 1 waiver cycle on Wednesday, again on Friday, and then Monday – processing on Tuesday morning.


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